What is Social Snacking?

Social Snacking is an ecommerce site that was created for the specific purpose of helping new products and concepts get into your homes quicker! Creative, disruptive, and innovative products to engage our curiosity and share with friends – before they have reached national distribution. Getting people together should ALWAYS be a special occasion, and Social Snacking brings you food and snacks that bring new life to those occasions!

Is Social Snacking related to the brands on the web site?

Yes, these are all products that are manufactured by us, either under our owned brands or licensed brands that have decided to work with us to develop unique, trend setting products and flavor profiles – to engage their fans and liven up their gatherings of friends and family.

Will there be new items and brands added periodically?

Definitely! Social snacking is all about making your gathering special, and serving the “same old things” is not special. And each of the brands represented on this site have extensive development plans behind them. Please feel free to “subscribe”, and we will send you updates (and sometimes samples as well) to keep your gatherings unique and entertaining.

Does Social Snacking ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship within the United States but are working towards international shipping in the near future.

Can I order expedited shipping?

Unfortunately, we are not currently set up to handle any variations in shipping. As our services expand and the need becomes clear, we will certainly adapt accordingly.

Why are some of the products multi-packs and others singular packs?

That’s an easy one. Snacks and chips are multipacks to serve the “munchies”. Most of the other products on the site are condiments or used to prepare party-size quantities, so the single packs were more appropriate for “ease of add on”. And to allow easier “trial” of the lesser known products.

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